Well here we are at the end of the millennium, it's out with the old and in with the new!!! 

The age of information...

I myself, am glad to see this come about, and welcome Y2K with open arms... 

I have waited a long time for Y2K to get here, and hope that it's everything that I wished it to be!!!

Along with my arrival on the World Wide Web...  for me there is, as many mysteries surrounding the World Wide Web and Y2K that we have yet to see! 

Weather the clocks turn over to the year 2000 or not sounds like trouble for some people, and I hope they know who they are!!!

 I am a true believer, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that's what makes this whole thing so interesting... 

I had a wish a long time ago that things might be different for Some friends of mine. Now I see them all over the web...  A dream come true!!!

   This is my first website...  I would like to dedicate it to those people!!!

 This website is dedicated to the Hells Angels all over the world!!!  I do not think that any of you get the credit that you deserve, for being the good people that you are!!!

  I have known many Hells Angels, one from Alaska who holds the key to my heart, the rest from Daly City, Oakland, and a few other places. 

I have not seen any of them in a long time!  I created this site because I miss them all!!!

 Along with missing the lifestyle that I once lived! 

I was 21 when I started going out with a biker.  His name was Jon Nelson.  He introduced me to Harley Davidson Motorcycles, riding, and a lifestyle that was out of this world, the feeling of total freedom, and more fun I had ever expected:

Harley Davidson!!!

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