I am the Flippin Indian.  I just moved to Alaska from the lower 48 with my cat Boogie, and I am in total aaaah... of this wondrous place!  I am looking forward to my first winter burrr... Where the nights are six months long.  I can not wait until spring and summer to view the land of the midnight sun for the first time!  I have only waited all of my life to see the beauty that is Alaska.

  I have not seen much of my new surroundings as of yet.  I have seen the Matanuska Gliacer, and the Northern Lights for the first time. Truly an awesome sight!!!  I plan to spend the rest of my life exploring and combing every inch of this winter wonder land at the top of the world!

  From the moment I walked out of the airport and took my first breath I smelt freedom for the first time in my life.  I am not the least bit sorry to leave the lower 48 behind...  Making Alaska my HOME!!!  I must admit that I expected more people to be living in igloos... hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  I would like to thank my friends Joey, Tera and the kids for coming up a year ahead of me while I farted around in school trying to learn how to turn this Damm computer on!!!  That made the move so much easier on me, so Thanxs!!! Joey, Tera, Joseph, Alyssa, and Terry!!! I love you all... Damm you Joey...

  A special Thanxs to Michelle, Steve, and Kayla who allowed me to do nothing but this webpage (and clean the shower!!!) to get this done in time for December... So that I could launch my page by the end of this year!!!  Too all my friends in Washington for their SUPPORT you all know who you are!!!  I love you all!!! 

  I am 40 and just getting ready to celebrate my second childhood for the next 40 years!  It feels good to be 40 and still have the eyes of a child.  Besides the fact that I know I'm getting older and I refuse to grow up! Is the most fun one can have...

  After the last five years of my life that has had me on a quest for the truth about who I really am... I have reached my destination in hopes of closing the last door on the mystery about myself who I am, and where I really come from!  ( This is a long story that I will continue on one of my other pages)...

  I would like to tell you all a little more about myself now.  I am a biker, and have been since I was 21. I love Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and a take no SHIT lifestyle to say the least...  For the most part I would like to get back in touch with many of my friends that I have not had the pleasure of their company for the past five years ( even more for others that I have not had contact with that I miss with all my heart!!!)

  The larger part of this Website will be dedicated to those people "The Hells Angels" who in my opinion have not been given the credit that they really do deserve for being some of the best Americans that I have ever met and have had the pleasure to know!!!

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