Well here we are at the end of the millennium, it's out with the old and in with the new!!!  The age of information... I myself, am glad to see this come about, and welcome Y2K with open arms...  I have waited a long time for Y2K to get here, and hope that it's everything that I wished it to be!!!

Along with my arrival on the World Wide Web...  For me there is, as many mysteries surrounding the World Wide Web and Y2K that we have yet to see!  I feel that there is more to worry about weather or not the clocks turn over to the year 2000 or not for some people, and I hope they know who they are!!!

 I am a true believer, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that's what makes this whole thing so interesting...  I had a wish a long time ago that things might be different for Some friends of mine. Now I see them all over the web...  A dream come true!!!

   This is my first website...  I would like to dedicate those people!  This website is dedicated to the Hells Angels all over the world!!!  I do not think that any of you get the credit that you deserve, for being the good people that you are!!!

  I have known many Hells Angels, one from Alaska that holds the key to my heart, the rest from Daly City, Oakland, and a few other places.  I have not seen any of them in a long time!  I created this site because I miss them all!!!

 Along with missing the lifestyle that I once lived!  I was 21 when I started going out with a biker.  His name was Jon Nelson.  He introduced me to Harley Davidson Motorcycles, riding, and a lifestyle that was out of this world, the feeling of total freedom, and more fun I had ever expected!  Here is an essay that I wrote in my English 101 class explaining my introduction to the wonderful world of Harley Davidson:


 I was never the type of person who walked around with my nose in the air thinking that I was better than everybody else.  It had taken me a long time to become comfortable with myself, and who I am.

After spending most of my teenage years as a loner, yet hanging out with the stoners, and kids that cut school all the time.  I had taken on a kool image hanging out in the ally instead of being in class where I should have been instead of smoking joint after joint in the ally, it seemed to be the thing to do...

 By the time I turned twenty one I met and moved in with my first biker boyfriend Jon Nelson.  Jon introduced me to the lifestyle of my dreams, endless motorcycle rides, runs, wild party's, and most of all some of the greatest people that I had ever met.  I understood right from the start how bikers share the love of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, the love of the open road, and freedom...

Needless to say there was never a dull moment.  We lived in the incorporate part of Redwood City, California.  We had a two bedroom apartment above a shop that some friends rented, downstairs we had two roommates that rented the shop in the garage, and another couple that rented the shop in the back of the property...

All in all we had two Belmont Harley-Davidson mechanics (Jon & Mike), an awesome painter (Chris) who could turn any motorcycle into a work of art to be held up to any Dave Mann painting.  Dave Mann does the centerfold for Easyrider magazine.  A computer tech (Ray) from Tri-Data INC. in Mountain View, California, and Mike & Debbie (mousetrap) out back. what a household.

One thing for sure I got a chance to view first hand "The American Dream!!!" yes folks Harley-Davidson the lifestyle, and the institution.  I'll tell ya right now it's not just leather, or the tuff image that gets' em' going you can rest assured that it's what their puttin' between their legs that's puttin' 3/4 of the smile on their faces.

I grew up on (Jons' bike) a 1980 80" FLH that was bored out to 94 cubic inches with a Hilborn Fuel Injector, and his bike put the FFFFFFF in fast... Believe that from a stop sign just a 1/4 mile Jon popped the clutch into first gear, and the bike came half way off the ground with two people on the bike (him & me) he dumped the clutch into 2nd gear we just came up off the ground the rest of the way, and shot off down the street like a rocket.  We were going so fast that we got to the house we were going to before anyone else got there. We had plenty of time to smoke a cigarette before the seven people that we were riding with got there, and still white as a ghost from the experience. 

Believe me when I say that I had never been that fast before until that night.  I learned a whole new meaning of respect in just one 1/4 mile, it's the kind of thing that is yours forever, and more fun than anyone can have.  Very few things can hold a candle to that!!!

Friday & Saturday nights were spent at the local biker bar "The Top Hat" on El Camino Real in Redwood City.  This place was about as much fun as you can have in a public place parting with The Daly City Chapter of The Hells Angels.  Imagine some of the best Rock-N-Roll played by the "All Night Band" until 2 a.m. then it's time to roll em' up, rev em' up, and head over to the after hours party for some real fun till the wee hours of the morning, or opps! the next day... No rest for the weary, and sleep was for SISSYs'!!!

We also spent our weekends riding in Northern California to places like the Frog Jumps in Calavares County, The Redwood Run, Poker Runs, Swap Meets, wild nights at our friends Chicken Ranch in Livermore, California, and too many places to name...

In the early 80's Jon opened up a Harley Nostalgia Shop (in Pittsberg, California) for some friends (an after markets part store) Jon ran the service department, and mechanics.  Viewing Harley Davidson Motorcycles, as a business is one of the greatest challenges I have ever experienced. 

The work is more like being able to play, and getting paid for it!!!  It is a job that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  There are some good schools (yes Harley Davidson Schools) in Arizona, and Minnesota where you can become a certified Harley Davidson Mechanic. Then start working for any Harley Davidson Dealership, or start your own shop, and join one of Americas' biggest Families...

(Hope you liked it)
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