December 2nd, 1999
 This has always been one of my special days!  This is the birthday of the first Hells Angel I ever met.  His name is Dennis McNally, and he was from the Daly City Chapter of the Hells Angels.

 I do not think  he is still in the Club, and I lost track of him some time ago.  If anyone should know of his where-abouts???  Please tell him about this site, so that he can take a look around...

 Dennis if you see this Please e-mail me at: flippinindian@loco81.zzn.comand let me know what U think!!!  I will look forward to hearing from you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  This is your birthday present.

(I hope U like it!)

 I also want you to know that I love U for the man that you are, and for showing me that Angels like you are very special people!!!

 I will love U...
(Always, Forever, Forever, Always!!!)
  The Flippin Indian


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